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05 Jul 2017
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Well-known Personality and Enthusiastic Contributor to Associative, Cinematic and Cultural Movements/Associations

Her husband ran the Bacardi enterprise for forty years before his death in 2005. Since then, Monika Bacardi has displayed an impressive business talent. Born in Italy, the "Lady of Bayfield Hall" (more commonly called Lady Bacardi, or just Monika or, in recent times, "The Queen of Charity") has become quite a personality in modern cinematic circles throughout the EU and the USA. English, Italian, Spanish, French and German are all languages that Monika Bacardi speaks fluently whilst, in the Arts sector today, she is also known to be one of the most influential businesswomen. She is a very busy woman, having become involved with many philanthropic ventures. She contributes to oceanographic research and backs lots of charities, such as "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association), "Fondation AVEC" along with the Monaco Red Cross.

Personal Life

As a result of her respected status in the arts community and her status as a humanitarian, Monika Bacardi spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and charity get-togethers. Lady Bacardi loves her work and, as a result, work is also a huge part of her personal life. An intense awareness of environmental and social considerations in her life are things that she likes to voice. Lord Luis Bacardi (Lord of Bayfield Hall) was a descendant of the creator of the Bacardi Company. He and Monika Bacardi became husband and wife and had a little girl together.

Monika's Biography, Passions and Personal History

Monika Bacardi is engaged in many non-profit organisations and charities, owing to her goal to help others. Her motivations are art and philanthropy, which moved her in the direction of studying arts and literature in Italy, the country where she was born. Having married into the Bacardi family, she received the title of Lady of Bayfield Hall. Her co-purchase of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014 furthered Monika Bacardi's involvement in the arts world.

Monika Bacardi and the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

One of the many reasons that she assists the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation is that Monika Bacardi feels very strongly about encouraging green behaviour. Eco-longevity is one of the large number of humanitarian concerns in which Lady Bacardi is active. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is something for which (and alongside with) Monika Bacardi has been involved in a number of projects.